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Boca Loca Keto Butter
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Looking sinfully good has never been so sinlessly delicious.

Boca Loca’s Chocolate Macadamia Nut Keto Butter was designed with hot macros to help you look amazing and stay in ketosis – all while eating heaping spoonful’s of rich chocolate and creamy macadamia.

After all, isn’t it time a keto product tasted as good as we hoped it would make us look?

It's time to look delicious.

It's time to live deliciously.

Low Carbs

No Added Sugar


Paleo friendly

Dairy free

Addictively Craveable


Gluten Free

Sinlessly Sinful, this is the way.

Boca Loca Keto Chaffle
Churro Chaffle with Boca Boca Loca? Yes please!

Our Macros (per serving):

Net Carbs
Grams Protein
Added Sugar
Grams Fat

We guarantee each jar of Boca Loca Keto Butter that is handcrafted in our licensed facility, by a certified ketogenic health coach, will help you achieve your keto fitness goals.

Join the boca loca family!

Take action, stay motivated, and change your life!

She believed she could, so she did... and frankly, she was sick of eating jerky.

"We’ ve all been there! The pickles, the jerky, the nauseating dried this-or-that we bought on impulse from a Facebook ad after polishing off the leftover Girl Scout cookies... Ladies, this is not the way.

Look, the keto struggle is real. Every journey is different; every path is unique. However, these paths intersect right here, right now, and quite simply, we deserve better. We deserve chocolate!

It’ s time to give ourselves a break from our clumpy shakes and sit unapologetically in our pajamas, watching Netflix, with a jar of creamy macadamia nut chocolate in one hand, and our trusty spoon in the other. It’ s time to live. It’ s time to live deliciously.

Here’ s to us, this ones for you. Enjoy!"

Chocolate + Macadamia = ❤️ !

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